12. Looking for a flat

Hi guys, I’ll be an Erasmus student in Vilnius (KSUniversity) since Sept.2016. I’m looking for a room/apartement to share with other students. My budget is around 200-250 Eur. per month.
In case you are interested please contact me ;) Thanks!

PRICE: 200-250 EUR

11. Looking for a flat in Center

Sveiki! I just arrived to Vilnius a few days ago and am currently enjoying the “joys” of moving to a new city, including the hunt for a room in a shared flat or a studio. I am here for an internship for at least 6 months, but might extend for additional 5 months. My budget is max. 250 Euros and the closer to the city center, the better. Let me know if you’re looking for an open-minded tenant or a flatmate with a good vibe. Thank you!

PRICE: up to 250 EUR
NEIGBOURHOOD: Center/Oldtown

9. Looking for a place nearby Oldtown

Hi everybody !
I’m going to Vilnius for an Erasmus year from August to June and I’m also looking for either a one room apartment, either a flatsharing. I will study at the ISM, so I look for a place nearby (Senamiestis).
It would be wonderful if someone can help me !!
Thank you and have a nice holidays :)


8. Looking for an apartment

I m looking for an apartment/room in an apartment, in the city center. max 250+ expenses. i m italian, 20 years old, i work from monday to friday from like 10 to 6 so i m basically always out. i dont care if my roommates party smoke drink whatever. or if they re quite and calm. i actually prefer to be with other students. possibly international.

PRICE: max 250 EUR + utilities


7. Looking for a flatmate in Justiniskes

Hi all,
We are looking for someone to share a flat with. One of us is leaving so we need to replace him. It is a big flat in Justiniškės and it is possible to choose between 3 rooms. The price varies from 115 euros and 155 euros depending on the size.
The flat already has 3 residents, all of us foreigners working here in Lithuania, so you can expect a calm but open minded atmosphere. The house is very comfortable and fully equipped.
In case you are interested just contact me via private message.

PRICE: 115-155 EUR


6. Looking for roommates in center

Hi everybody.
Nice flat available in the old town for next semester. (Vokeciu gatve/antokolskio)
Flat for 3 people 250€per person per month.
+ utilities
Very big living room, and good table for beer pong.
If you are interested. Please contact me.

PRICE: ~250 € p.p. (utilities included)
DISTRICT: Oldtown/Center
CONTACT: Germain

5. Looking for a roommate in Old Town, Gediminas av.

Hey Girls and Boys!
We, a german and a french guy (22/24 yrs.), founded a shared flat in the heart of Vilnius!
Aaaaaand we are searching for you. Yes you heard right-exactly for you…
But before we really would like to get to know you better!
If you are interested to stay in our shared flat you have to be cool, communicative and definetely open minded (And of course, no partypooper)
So now, contact us – We look forward to meeting you!
The flat with 3 separate! bedrooms is located in Gedimino Street, the main street of Vilnius!

PRICE: 250€ p.p. (without utilities)

DISTRICT: Old Town/center

CONTACT: Max Schwander